American Heritage Ambulance, LLC was founded in February, 2004 by Cindy Burbage in Ladson, South Carolina.

 AHA PatchCindy has been an active part of the medical community in South Carolina since 1986. It was her ambition and desire to establish a medical transport service that would be unique. Her goal is to be caring, ethical, and quality driven. Her mission and the mission of the company is to provide comprehensive emergency and non-emergency medical services to an ever expanding service area. To demonstrate unparalleled respect and concern for all people whose lives we touch.

American Heritage offers highly advanced services through cutting-edge technology and ongoing education to provide the highest quality patient care and customer service available. Our top priority is patient care. We believe in our mission and what we do. We strive to maintain long term relationships with our customers by continuously providing quality, skilled care, by holding the hand of a grandmother who is all alone and afraid, by shedding a tear with a family member in crisis situation, or by sharing a smile with a new mother as she holds her newborn for the very first time. Our team is committed to the premise that if you render the best care to the patient, all other issues will be resolved.

Today, American Heritage Ambulance is known as a unique transport service provider. We serve over 15 counties and have service agreements with over 50 healthcare providers. We have a partnership with five major hospitals and many other healthcare entities. With 17 ambulances, 8 wheelchair vans, several Quick Response Vehicles and supervisor vehicles, our 75 highly skilled and certified healthcare professionals are there when you need us. We offer innovative, state-of-the-art equipment on all of our specialized vehicles. This medical care is only matched by our personable interest in every patient, family, and facility that we serve.

Honor, Integrity, and Commitment are the key to our success and truly sum up the service that American Heritage Ambulance, LLC provides. From caring for the premature infant in an isolette, an adult intensive care patient, an emergent 911 call or a routine transport, American Heritage offers quality care to every individual. We also offer an Alternative Transport Service for patients that have special needs but do not require an ambulance.  

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