Benjamin Edgin, NREMT -P, Operations Manager and Training Officer

Ben Edgin, NREMT-P, Operations Supervisor
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Originally from South Carolina, he has over 22 years experience in the medical field. He spent 20 years on active duty as a member of the United States Air Force with the last six years in Special Operations. He relocated to the Charleston area after retirement. 

During his time in the Air Force, he spent over 12 years in emergency medicine. In 1996 he went to Paramedic school and obtained his certification. For the last year of his career he worked as Independent Duty Medical Technician (IDMT), deploying with small groups as the sole medical provider. He was deployed to remote locations in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, providing CASEVAC training to our Allied Forces. His last two years in the Air Force was a Superintendent of Medical Training for the Air Force Para-rescue Technicians (PJ). Ben, with assistance from his medical director, arranged for PJ’s to obtain training at the University Of Alabama, Birmingham. During the two week rotation the PJ’s were assigned to the Trauma team and received hands on patient care not usually experienced till deploying to a combat zone. He assisted and provided Tactical Combat Casualty Care to Combat Controllers Technicians (CCT) in Special Operations. This training gave the CTT the ability to provide life saving care until proper medical care could be provided.  

After retirement and relocation to Charleston he was working full time with Lifenet of South Carolina as a Flight Paramedic. He began his time at American Heritage as a part-time paramedic. Looking for a more challenging role; he made the change to full time, becoming a member of the management team as an Operations Supervisor. He is responsible for insuring that the operations staff has the proper tools to complete their task. He oversees the Safety and Infection Control programs, and is a liaison for customer related issues.  

Ben is a welcomed asset to the management team of American Heritage Ambulance.

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