Brad Morgan, NREMT-P, Chief Operating Officer

Brad Morgan, NREMT-P, Operations/Dispatch Director
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Brad was appointed as the Operations Manager of American Heritage Ambulance, LLC in July, 2007. He came to us from Charleston County EMS. He has many years of experience both on street and in management. He has been in the EMS/911 field greater than 20 years.

 Brad has a strong background in Special Operations. He served as an original member of the SWAT/Tactical Medical Support Team since its inception in 1990, a member of the Hazmat Medical Support Team since 1991 and successfully completed the EMS Management and Advanced Leadership Management course at the National Fire Academy in 1996. He holds instructorships in BLS, ACLS, ITLS, PEPP and GEMS.

Brad has 14 years of Supervisor/Management experience in EMS and brings a bundle of knowledge to the table. He has excellent “people skills”, good organization skills, the ability to multitask. His diversity has enabled him to mature into an excellent Supervisor/Manager. He is a true asset to American Heritage. He manages day to day operations by consistently maintaining the staffing schedule, oversees EMS personnel, and rides calls when the system is overloaded. He conducts the interview process and ensures all patient/customer needs are met on a daily basis. Brad is a vital part of our management team and his contribution is highly valued in the organization and specifically to our ability to provide quality customer service to the community.

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