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S.C. Announces EMS Director of the Year

American Heritage Ambulance LLC | Thursday, April 26, 2012

Cindy Burbage, Owner & Director of American Heritage Ambulance, Ladson, SC, is the proud recipient of the “South Carolina Emergency Medical Services Director of the Year” award. She was recognized amongst many, including her peers and colleagues, and was presented with a plaque at the South Carolina EMS Symposium Reception in Myrtle Beach, SC on March 31, 2012.

Cindy is a positive role model. She expects nothing more from others than she expects of herself. She is assertive and holds a high standard not only for her profession but for her Ambulance Service as well. She is a dedicated, honest professional. A Native American, originally from Roxboro, North Carolina, Cindy has been an active part of the medical community in South Carolina since 1988. In addition to her degree in nursing, she holds Bachelor’s in Marketing and a Masters in Business. She was the previous Director of Operations for Rural Metro Ambulance, South Carolina, before purchasing the company and turning it into American Heritage Ambulance, where she remains active in the medical and EMS community today as Director and CEO.

With over 20 years of medical and management experience, she served as the Executive Director for the American Red Cross Blood Services, Southeast Region and has been a key motivational speaker at various lectures for the United States Air Force (Charleston Base), SC EMS Symposium and the SC Leadership Conference. She was recognized by the SC Commission for Minority Affairs in 2010 as “the entrepreneur who demonstrated outstanding performance as a business owner and stands as a beckon of light to future business owners and the community”. She supports and actively participates in many functions including but not limited to: SC Special Olympics, Department of Veterans Affairs Charleston, RELAY for Life and the American Heart Walk. She also sponsors community events regarding healthcare awareness.

Cindy believes in maintaining a positive attitude even in the midst of adversity, doing the right thing even when no one is watching, always doing a good job while at work and at the end of the day going home to be with her family. Family has always been and continues to be a priority for her. She is a proficient, valuable leader and Director. For Cindy, it’s not always about her; it’s about putting others before herself to assure that complete satisfaction is achieved for her employees, patients and the communities she serves. She is known for “never giving up and always going the extra mile”. She is committed, motivated and determined. She has come a long way from the days of farming tobacco on her father’s farm to achieving the American Dream. With all that she does, she continues to keep a smile on her face while standing behind and offering words of encouragement to those she loves and leads.

Cindy states: “I am honored to be named the SC EMS Director of the year. I have not achieved this alone but through the help of my fellow Director’s who were willing to take me under their wing, through my employees, my management team and my family; and most of all through the man upstairs who has answered many prayers and provided me with the wisdom, strength and knowledge to carry on. God bless you all”.

American Heritage Ambulance has been in business since 2004, providing emergency and non- emergency ambulance transportation. We have 100+ employees and complete approximately 
15, 000 transports a year.

Cindy is the first women, first private ambulance company Director and the first Native American to receive the “SC Director of the Year” award. 



Influential Women in Business award winners named for 2013

Staff Report - Published June 10, 2013

Twelve business leaders have been named winners in the Influential Women in Business awards for 2013.The annual awards presented by the Charleston Regional Business Journal and other sponsors honors business leaders in four categories, including CEO, Executive, Rising Star and Volunteer.Award winners will be honored during a special event held from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., July 11 at the Daniel Island Club and featured in an upcoming special section of the Business Journal.

2013 Influential Women in Business winners, in alphabetical order

Cindy Burbage, American Heritage Ambulance 
Christine Osborne, Wonder Works 
Debra Turner, WebsterRogers LLP

Tina Hadden, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Charleston District 

Valerie Morris, College of Charleston School of the Arts 
Heather Walker, Booz Allen Hamilton

Rising Star 
Stewart Bauknight, Modus21 LLC 

Susan Johnson, MUSC 
Shauna Mackenzie, Mackenzie Image Consulting

Gigi Manning, Air Force Reserve Command 

Annette Nielsen, Coastal Community Foundation 
Gitta Wombwell, Safe Ports




American Heritage Ambulance
Ladson, SC
25 Vehicles
Customer Since: June 2011

Every road and highway has one thing in common: the journey of an emergency vehicle takes precedence over that of any other driver. People know to pull over at the sound of a siren in order to let police cars, fire trucks and ambulances pass unhindered.

In some jurisdictions, ambulance services are part of the local government. However, in many areas, they are funded by independent contractors, each of which has to keep an eye on their budget as well as their customer service to stay competitive in the marketplace.

American Heritage Ambulance, LLC, based in Ladson, S.C., calls themselves a “different ambulance company.” Founded in 2004, the privately-owned organization focuses on “Honor, Integrity and Commitment” in its quest to ensure quality patient care throughout South Carolina.

According to Brad Morgan, COO at American Heritage Ambulance, the company was required to implementGPS tracking on all of their units as part of their relationship with the Access2Care transportation provider network. Since choosing the Fleetmatics GPS Tracking System, Morgan says the company has enjoyed many unforeseen benefits.  

The first such benefit came down to simple communication. “We use Verizon and Nextel Push-to-Talk with each other, and the drivers would go through ‘cell phone dead zones’ where we had no way of communicating with them or knowing where they were,” says Morgan. “Now, because Fleetmatics uses satellite technology, we are able to look at the software and see where our vehicles are anywhere, even if they are in a ‘dead zone.’”

Morgan says that American Heritage’s drivers were informed in advance that the company was installing a GPS system for financial as well as safety reasons. “We told them that excessive idling does cost fuel, and we just want to watch that,” he says. “We also told them that driving around at top speed is unsafe and we’ve set a speed threshold as a means for keeping the drivers and passengers safe.”

To manage idling and speeding, American Heritage utilizes several aspects of the Fleetmatics GPS Tracking System to become more efficient. “We set parameters with the Idling Alert so we know when our vehicles are excessively idling,” says Morgan. “We also use the Red Flag Alert to enforce that our drivers are maintaining a safe speed. And we send a printout of the Mileage Report to Access2Care, as requested, to track our mileage.”

Another key tool for American Heritage is Route Replay, which integrates with Google Maps to replay any journey taken by any vehicle in a user’s fleet, complete with hybrid mapping and Google Street View ride along features. “We use Route Replay to help a crewmember get back on track if they get lost,” explains Morgan.

His highest praise goes to the trip routing aspect of the Fleetmatics system. “I think the most beneficial thing is being able to look at a map and know where everyone is, as opposed to assuming that the crews know exactly where they are going all the time,” says Morgan. “It’s very helpful to see where they are and know with certainty what time they will arrive at their next pickup.”  

For even greater convenience, Morgan uses the Fleetmatics Mobile App on his iPhone. This free application provides the user with 24/7 fleet information, including the Dashboard, Live Fleet, Reports, Alerts, Route Replay and more. “I can pull up our account no matter where I am, even if I’m at home, and know where all the trucks are,” he says. “It’s a large managerial benefit.”

Overall, Fleetmatics seems to have made not only Morgan’s job easier, but that of everyone at American Heritage. “The dispatcher knows where everyone is,” he says. “It’s nice to be able to keep up with everybody. A lot of times we weren’t able to catch up with the crews and know where they were. With Fleetmatics, that is no longer a concern. The maps and displays are very accurate.”

Morgan says he would certainly recommend the Fleetmatics system to other fleet managers. “It’s a great product because it is installed, and there is no maintenance to it. It’s a user-friendly system.” And as American Heritage expands its services, he also looks forward to a long relationship with the Fleetmatics. “The service department and our sales rep are great. Anytime we come with questions and problems they are addressed quickly. We actually had to get a few more vehicles and needed to add units, and they were able to help us. As we continue to grow, Fleetmatics will continue to grow with us.”

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