Commonly Asked Questions

What is a private ambulance company?
A private ambulance company is a privately owned and opperated entity. Private companies often provide non-emergent transports as well as emergent transports, and in some cases will assist 911 services.  A private ambulance company such as American Heritage provides some services that government entities do not.

What should I consider when choosing a private ambulance company?
When choosing a private ambulance company you want to make sure that the company's certifications meet your specific needs.  Some individuals may only need Basic Life Support Services while others may need Advanced Life Support Services.  

You should also look for the company that offers you the most additional medical perks as possible for the price.  All to often, the lowest priced companies lack in quality and when transporting a loved one you want to be assured they will recieve the highest level of medical attention possible on their way to the hospital.

It is also important to consider whether or not a company has up to date and well maintained vehicles staffed with either a Paramedic and EMT (Advanced Life Support Services) or two EMT's (Basic Life Support Services) as well as the equipment required for transport.

The Hospital or Nursing Home my loved one is staying in has a contracted provider, can I request American Heritage?
Yes, you always have a choice in which company transports your loved one.  When the time arises for your loved one to be transported, you can request American Heritage as your preferred provider.  The hospital or nursing home will then make arrangements with us to transport your loved one.

Do you transport Diaylsis patients?
Yes, American Heritage transports diaylsis patients that meet wheel chair and stretcher criteria.

Do you offer services for ambulatory patients?
No, we do not offer services for ambulatory patients.

Do you accept insurance?
Yes, we accept most major insurances as well as most supplemental insurances, AARP, workers compensation insurance, and even auto insurance if the transport is the result of a car accident.  If you have questions about your individual insurance, you may call our office at (843)824-8447.

Why should I choose American Heritage over other transport companies?
You should choose American Heritage over other private ambulance services when you want to make sure that your loved one is being transported by a company that provides highly skilled and compassionate medical personel, well maintained, clean vehicles, and top of the line equipment. American Heritage is committed to upholding the values of Honor, Integrity, and Commitment each and every day.  We believe these values are what seperates us from our competitors.   

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