What Insurance We Accept

American Heritage Ambulance's top priority is, and will remain, quality patient care.  It is our goal to consistently make a difference in the lives we touch.  Our staff is committed to assisting with your medical transport needs.

How will I pay for my ambulance transport?

  • Medicare
  • Medicaid (Logisticare)
  • Private Insurance
  • Self-Pay (cash, check, credit card)
Medicare will only cover ambulance transports that meet medical necessity. What does Medicare consider “medically necessary” for ambulance coverage?

For Medicare to consider your ambulance transport to be medically necessary, it must meet the following criteria:

  • You must be transported to a hospital (physician’s offices, dentist’s offices, and urgent care centers are not covered).
  • You must be transported to the closest hospital capable of caring for your condition.
  • Your condition must be of sufficient severity that going by some other means such as private car, taxi, or method other than ambulance would be hazardous to your health. If you could go by some other means of transportation, Medicare will likely deny payment of your ambulance transport, even if the other means was not available at the time.

If your transport meets Medicare’s requirements for medical necessity:

  • Medicare will determine the “approved amount” for the level of service you required under Medicare’s guidelines.
  • You will owe any deductible you may have for the year plus 20% of Medicare’s approved amount.
  • If you have a Medicare supplemental policy, it may pay the 20% co-payment for you. AHA will bill the supplemental policy, as long as we have the correct information.

If your transport does not meet Medicare’s requirements for medical necessity:

You will be responsible for 100% of AHA’s billed amount, not Medicare’s approved amount.

How will I pay for my wheelchair transport?

  • Medicaid (Logisticare)
  • Self – Pay
-Medicare does not pay for wheelchair transports.
-Medicaid transports must be pre-approved by Logisticare.
If you have a question regarding a particular insurance provider, please contact us.
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